How To Buy And Sell Websites And Blogs 2019

Buy And Sell Websites And Blogs

There are many websites and forums which let you sell your blog; I’m listing down few of them which promise to provide you with the best deal. Another website which let you sell your domain and website. The listing of website and domain is free but like Sitepoint you have to pay a part of commission when someone buys your domain.

Do you have a domain name to sell or want to buy a premium or 3 letter domain name? Well, Flippa is a popular domain name market place where once you list a domain name for selling, it will be visible to many other sites who are partnered with Flippa.  They also offer domain parking service.

I won’t say that this is the best, but if you can use it wisely. You might find some potential buyers or send traffic to your Sitepoint auction. Usually, Digital point forum is a dedicated spot for webmasters, freelancers and people looking for more options to make money online. It works the best, when you have an existing profile with good reputations.

Generally, you don’t want to start buying blogs or websites until you understand how to monetize a site. I would recommend only buying an additional blog once you learn how to make money from your own blog.

Use your network to find blogs that have not been updated for months or even years. Tweet out a message saying you’re looking to add a blog to your portfolio. Check blogs you regularly read to see if one of them has a big delay in posting. Once you identify a few options, send the owners a simple email email like, “I noticed you have not posted on your blog lately. If you are interested in selling your site, I would be interested in buying it.”
You can also look on websites like Flippa, which regularly sells online properties and domain names.
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