How To Find Best Domin Name For Blog Or Website

Put some thought into choosing a domain name. The goal of the tips below is not to meet every criteria (that would be impossible), but to give you some guidelines to consider in the process. And then I’ll tell you where to register your domain.
Just so we’re straight:-

Alright here we go…

1. Go
Most of the time internet users assume .com when browsing. Having a .net, .info, .tv or any other extension puts another potential roadblock in the process of finding you. Having said that, there are plenty of successful sites that use a .net extension (or something else), but a .com is ideal.
2. Search you Keyword and see result there is too much result for your Keyword.
3.You can suggest one of them and use as your Domin name.
I highly recommend registering your name as a domain even if you have no plans to do anything with it. Why? Because you never know if you just might become a household name in the future. And then you’ll be glad you have it. (I use to register all my domains. You can do it quickly, no website required.)
If you plan on using your blog to sell a service you provide or if you hope to speak or become a published writer, your name might be perfect.
If you have a really difficult name to say or spell, consider using your first and middle, or a nickname, or make up a new name altogether (yes, people really do that).
Watch this video for more understand.

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