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PhotoShine is a free program that will let you apply funny, pretty and eye-catching effects to your favorite photos.
PhotoShine's biggest problem is its interface, which is hard to navigate, doesn't resize properly, and just looks a old-fashioned. Improvements here would make the app much, much better. If you can get past this, though, PhotoShine is packed with loads of features, frames and scenarios that will allow you to personalize your photos for almost any occasion you can imagine.
To use PhotoShine, just hit the green folder icon and you can open your photos. Once they're in, you can re-orient, resize and move them, as well as applying some color effects, like gray, old and sketch. Some of PhotoShine's effects are better than others, though, so check them all out before saving.

Photoshine is the lazy man's help for framing photos. It consists of a hefty collection of backgrounds that can feature one, two or three slots for inserting photos and other images.
Each slot can contain a different image which is somewhat editable. They can be resized while keeping the aspect ratio and can also suffer three types of effects: Sketch, Old Photo (a sort of sepia effect wannabe) and Gray. These can be applied to the whole image.

Be careful though, as the Undo feature is very picky. Effects cannot be undone. Of course, your original files are safe, but it is quite an inconvenient. On the other hand, Brightenss, Contrast and saturation are fully re-traceable, although only by one step.

Photoshine Download Free With Serial Key.By Kamalgrd Photoshine Download Free With Serial Key.By Kamalgrd Reviewed by K Khan on 12:37:00 PM Rating: 5

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